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The Cyclone with Stand (free shipping)


Turn a Dreaded Job into a Satisfying Experience!

The Cyclone turns the chore of cleaning your pool cartridge filter into an easy task.  


  • It saves time and reduces strain on your back
  • The most effective way to clean cartridge filters
  • Superior filter cleaning results
  • Compact and convenient for transport and storage
  • Runs off water pressure from garden hose


  • Cyclone Stand
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum Shaft
  • 1 Cyclone Clamp
  • Set of Cyclone Bearings (Top and Bottom)
  • PVC Extension with spray nozzle and shut off valve

*Comes with Bearing to accommodate 3" filter openings which is common in most quad style cartridge filters that contain 4 filter elements.  To clean the larger "single bullet" style cartridge filters you will also need to purchase the "single bullet" bearings sold separately. 

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