Fed Up with Filter Cleaning?

A clean filter makes a clean pool. Keeping your filter clean doesn't need to be a miserable chore.

The Cyclone Filter Cleaner is a new and innovative tool that gets your dirty filter off the ground and allows you to stand up freely. No more bending over!

The Cyclone uses water pressure from a garden hose to spin the filter as you clean it. The Cyclone Filter Cleaner comes with an extension wand that sprays water deep in between each pleat of the filter to flush out the dirt.

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"We bought this Product in hopes of making our technicians job a bit easier when it came to doing filter services on site easier. After receiving the product we realized the bearings did not accommodate our filters we expressed this to the company, and we promptly received an email that they made special fitting bearings to solve our issue and have shipped them out . I can not express enough the customer service attentiveness to solve our issue made us even more pleased with this product and we will be ordering more units for our company in the coming month. On behalf of all our employees here at Azure Oasis Swimming Pools. Thank you!!"

Paula Henry

12 APR 2022

I used to dread cleaning cartridges every time. I think every pool service company hates cleaning cartridges. If they don’t, they are probably not doing a thorough job. My back used hurt bending over for long periods of time. It was miserable. Once I was introduced to the cyclone, my job became less painful. I’m getting up in age and bending over to clean 10-15 a day, I wasn’t able to stand up straight for a while. I would need an ice pack.

The cyclone thoroughly cleans the cartridges efficiently and effectively. I’m not in any pain. I don’t dread cartridges anymore. I’m so glad this product is out on the market.
There are only a handful of products that create less everyday pain for the pool pro. Riptide, cyclone, primate pole, impact drill, orenda are what you need to make your job painless. I would definitely put the cyclone in the top two of needs. Great product. Am so grateful I was introduced to this. Probably saved me thousands in chiropractic bills. Thank you again

A&M Pool Services LLC

15 MAR 2021

"This device is unbelievably helpful! I went from being in pain each and every day to being able to save my back and clean each cartridge considerably more thorough while cutting the cleaning time down to a fraction of what it was before. 10/10 device! Amazing idea guys."

Logan S.

04 MAR 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with the Cyclone Filter Cleaner?

The system comes with the Cyclone Stand and filter retainers. The bottom retainer houses a stainless steel ball bearing. Also included is a 30" furniture grade PVC extension wand with shut off valve and a brass fan-tip spray nozzle.

Do I need strong water pressure to use the Cyclone?

Stronger water pressure will allow you to clean your filters faster. Weak water pressure, while not ideal, is still able to spin your filter as you clean it and keep you from bending over.

What size filters will work with the Cyclone?

The Cyclone accomodates stander filters with 3" openings. These are the normal size filters found in most quad filters that contain 4 filter elements. For larger single element filters you will need to also purchase our adapter that allows you to clean filters with 4" and 6" openings. Some large filters such as the Sta-Rite System 3 filters cannot be used with our system as they are too large. However the wand is helpful to clean both the inside and outside of those filters.

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How much time will I save using the Cyclone?

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How much water will I conserve using the Cyclone?

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Can the Cyclone help me use less chemicals?


How often should I clean my filter?

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